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Motor City Pride 2022

Amplifying Detroit's
Motor City Pride

Client: Detroit Motor City Pride


Industry: Non-Profit/Organizational Pride Event


Services Provided: Social Media Management, Content Creation, Event Promotion, Crisis Management


Duration: 2021 - Current



Motor City Pride is Michigan’s largest pride celebration, attracting over 40,000 participants annually to Detroit’s pride celebration. As a volunteer-run organization, its mission centers around spreading awareness through pride. Since 2021, The Brown-Smith Agency has managed Detroit Motor City Pride's social media presence, crafting impactful content and providing comprehensive live event support.


Project Goals:

  • Enhance awareness of Motor City Pride.

  • Promote performers at the festival.

  • Boost event attendance.

  • Provide real-time social media support and attendee engagement.

  • Expand reach to younger demographics through new platforms.


Strategies Implemented:

  • Content and Promotion: Developed promotional materials for each performing artist, utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to highlight the festival and parade. Introduced a TikTok account targeting younger audiences.

  • Engagement and Support: Monitored social media channels, addressed direct inquiries, and adapted content strategy to disseminate common questions and answers.

  • On-Site Coverage: Assembled a team for live social media coverage, capturing and sharing real-time content to engage in-person and remote participants.

  • Crisis Management: Responded to unforeseen event challenges and negative sentiment by shifting focus to real-time communication and problem-solving with attendees.



  • Sustained Growth and Engagement (2021-2023): The Brown-Smith Agency’s strategic approach to social media management has significantly amplified Motor City Pride’s reach and engagement over the past three years. Cumulatively, we have achieved:

  • Over 2,542 new followers across all platforms, solidifying Motor City Pride's digital presence.

  • More than 687,341 people reached on Facebook alone, highlighting the extensive visibility we've brought to the event.

  • Engagement rates have soared, with interactions across Meta and Twitter illustrating a deeply engaged community.

  • Successfully navigated the event through unforeseen challenges, ensuring Motor City Pride remained a positive, inclusive space for celebration and awareness.

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