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Bernadette's House: Creating the Women Leaders of Tomorrow

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

A Passion for Caregiving and a Desire to Create an Impact

In the second act of her professional life, philanthropist Carol Nash supports, mentors and inspires at-risk girls to reach their full potential as the founder and CEO of Bernadette’s House.

During her career as a registered nurse, Carol demonstrated a talent for empowering people to take action to improve their futures. She started a “Grow and Go” program for nursing assistants to break down the barriers that often prevent them from becoming nurses.

While working on this program, Carol noticed that many young women lacked guidance and role models to navigate life successfully. “As a nurse, I came into contact with many young women caught in an endless cycle of teen pregnancy and illiteracy. When facing retirement, I realized my calling to nurture young girls,” she said.

Setting Young Women Up for Success

In October 2012, Carol founded Bernadette’s House, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, with the belief that love, faith, and having the proper social and life skills will lead to a purposeful life. Bernadette’s House is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive home-like environment for girls 8-17 years old who live in and around Laurel, MD. Each girl is matched with a mentor, who encourages their mentee to “dare to dream” of a life full of possibilities. The program also fosters the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will enable the girls to make positive life choices.

Speaking about her work on a recent episode of The Today Show, Carol said, “At the onset, I didn’t know where the money was going to come from, but I stepped into my calling and put pen to paper. It was important that my vision showed up on paper so that I could see where I was going.” Now in its eighth year, Carol’s vision has been realized.

Some of the Bernadette's House girls in the room LMD renovated.

Women-owned Businesses Lifting Each Other Up

LMD began working with Bernadette’s house in 2018. As a Laurel-based, woman-owned small business for more than 40 years, we were inspired by Carol’s passion and motivation to create the next generation of women leaders. We started by updating the girl’s lounge. We painted, decorated, and filled the room with comfy chairs, tables, artwork, and bookshelves to give these amazing girls a place to read, study, and laugh together. LMD continues to promote the mission of Bernadette’s House. LMD is currently working with Carol to promote her mission through media appearances, setting up interviews with CTV and local papers. LMD also provides website, design, and writing support and expertise to Bernadette's House.

Join the Cause Bernadette’s House’s goals include serving as many girls in Laurel and surrounding communities as possible. Donations go toward creating new programs, sponsoring more girls, and covering operational expenses, and can be made at

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