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Founded on a vision of transformative storytelling and driven by a passion for digital innovation, The Brown-Smith Agency has evolved from humble beginnings into a leading B2B and B2C social media marketing force. Specializing in weaving compelling narratives across healthcare, marketing, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), our mission extends beyond mere content creation; we empower brands to articulate their stories, fostering connections that transcend the ordinary. With a comprehensive suite of social media marketing services, we enable our clients to raise awareness, sell products, and illuminate their brand's core identity in a way that resonates with audiences globally. Our expertise in crafting campaigns that are as bold as they are effective sets us apart, embodying our ethos: "We're BOLD, not basic!" At The Brown-Smith Agency, we're more than marketers; we're visionaries dedicated to integrating seamlessly with your team, ensuring our creative efforts complement your overall marketing strategy. Let's tell stories that inspire change, engage communities, and elevate your brand to new heights.

Meet Our Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Dre Brown

Dre, our visionary Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, leads The Brown-Smith Agency. His journey, characterized by a remarkable blend of marketing, communications, and DEIB expertise, is distinguished by more than just its breadth—impactful achievements and a deep-seated passion for storytelling define it. Dre's belief in the power of narratives to drive awareness and forge meaningful change is at the heart of our agency's mission.


Since 2009, Dre has immersed himself in the healthcare sector, working across various roles and departments. This experience has endowed him with invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities within healthcare communication, uniquely positioning him to guide medical professionals in their journey to becoming recognized thought leaders. Dre's nuanced understanding of the healthcare landscape enhances our agency's capacity to craft specialized strategies that highlight the expertise and contributions of professionals in this field.


His early career milestones include pioneering the social media strategy for the University of Maryland Medical System and spearheading significant campaigns at the LMD Agency for prestigious clients, including government and homeland security initiatives. Dre’s academic foundation, with a Master’s in Homeland Security from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor's in Public Relations and Marketing from Eastern Michigan University, complements his professional achievements, offering a strategic lens through which he views and navigates the marketing and communications landscape.


Mentorship by figures like Glenn Singleton and the team at Courageous Conversation® has been instrumental in shaping Dre’s career, guiding him toward his true calling in DEIB marketing and communications. This mentorship, coupled with his extensive experience in healthcare and strategic marketing, empowers Dre to lead our agency with a unique blend of passion, expertise, and visionary leadership.


At The Brown-Smith Agency, Dre’s comprehensive background fuels our commitment to changing narratives and making a difference through DEIB-focused storytelling. We're more than marketers; we're catalysts for change, leveraging Dre’s diverse experiences to help our clients, especially those in healthcare, share their stories, impact lives, and emerge as leaders in their fields.

What is important to you _ written behind a torn paper.jpg
What is important to you _ written behind a torn paper.jpg


At the core of The Brown-Smith Agency are our values: Inclusivity, Innovation, and Integrity. We believe in the transformative power of storytelling, where every voice is heard, and every brand's story is told with authenticity. Driven by these principles, we ensure that our work tells a story and makes a real difference.

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