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About Us

The Brown-Smith Agency is a B2B and B2C social media marketing agency. We're a group of visionaries with humble beginnings passionate about storytelling to help businesses tell their brand story. Our social media marketing services allow clients to raise awareness, sell products, and grow their brands. More importantly, we know how to work with your team to integrate our efforts into your marketing plans. We're BOLD, not basic!

Meet Our Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Dre Brown

With over eight years of marketing and communications experience, Dre has amassed expertise and experience that many would say take decades. Dre leads the agency's team as the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer and drives growth for the agency and its clients.

Dre is passionate about storytelling and believes it's the pillar of developing campaigns that drive awareness and create change.

Dre serves as the first Social Media Manager for the University of Maryland Medical System leading the social media strategy for the health system. Before UMMS, Dre served as a Senior Account Manager at LMD Agency and led the agency's prestigious award-winning Beautification Initiative on behalf of the Prince George's County Government and campaigns for other departments like the Department of Family Services, Board of Elections, Office of Community Relations, Health Department, and the Department of the Environment.

Dre earned a Master's in Homeland Security from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor's in Public Relations and Marketing from Eastern Michigan University. He serves as a Homeland Security Subject Matter Expert providing insight on best practices when developing communication campaigns for the homeland security landscape. Under LMD Agency, Dre worked on the United States Department of Homeland Security If You See Something, Say Something Campaign. He is excited about the Homeland Security landscape and looks forward to being a contributing member.

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To help clients tell their brand story and grow their business through storytelling.


To be a model business for other small and disadvantaged businesses and establish a legacy.​

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What is important to you _ written behind a torn paper.jpg







Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


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