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XXA Company

XXA Company (XXA) is a casual wear brand designed for different times of daily life to meet the needs of dressing in comfortable clothes daily or putting together an outfit for the weekend. The merchandise is designed with everyone in mind, regardless of body type, age, or lifestyle.


Since the inception of XXA, the company has managed its marketing to create awareness about the brand and increase sales. However, with many setbacks, the company hasn’t had steady marketing, which explains the lack of growth since February 2020.

Project Goals

  • Expand awareness to large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and Houston.

  • Increase sales on existing merchandise and promote new lines once released using a combination of paid, organic, and influencer marketing.

  • Manage customer communications about product awareness, issues with orders, upcoming promotions, etc.

  • Increase product adoption among women.

  • Manage XXA Ambassador Program

What We Did

The Brown-Smith Agency provides XXA with full-service
digital marketing services.

Updated website interface to improve the user experience

Customers expect a seamless experience from the website’s entry point to check out when they shop. However, the Brown-Smith Agency saw opportunities to improve the online shopping experience for customers. As a result, we made the following updates:

  • Updated the banner image on the website to reflect either current sales or the theme: bold, expressive, and comfortable.

  • Added categories to the homepage so customers could easily navigate the products of interest without having to scroll through the entire catalog. Oftentimes, customers relate to people who look like them. Therefore, for the collections, we added images of actual people so that customers could see how products would look before purchasing.

  • Added an About Us section so customers could understand more about the brand and its mission.

  • Created an Ambassador tab so individuals interested in being an ambassador could easily submit information using an online form.

Peach Website Launch Instagram Post.png
Abstract Download App with Phone Mockup Instagram Post (Twitter Post)(1).png

Elevated social media presence 

The Brown-Smith Agency worked with XXA to understand how the organization’s social media was run in the past. After analyzing the current strategy and supporting metrics, we designed a strategy that tied in the theme: bold, expressive, and comfortable. This theme sets the stage for how people think about the brand when purchasing or wearing apparel. Therefore, all creative content was centered around this theme. 


Next, XXA’s social media profiles were optimized to reflect this theme, starting with the bio. We simplified the biography so audiences could easily understand the brand and have immediate buy-in as they browsed through the content with the potential to click through to the website. Additionally, we included messaging so audiences knew the product could be shipped globally and that it was American-made and high-quality.

Finally, customers must have the opportunity to shop as they browse. Therefore, we created a Facebook and Instagram shop that featured specific collections and all products that customers could find if they were browsing the online store. This was critical because it was essential to ensure that shopping while browsing social media reflected the same experience customers would expect while shopping online.

Initiated email campaign strategy

The Brown-Smith Agency helped XXA launch its email marketing strategy to reach out to subscribers who expressed interest in receiving promotional emails. The email campaign started before Thanksgiving as customers started thinking about the shopping season. It offered a way to get merchandise in front of customers before they were inundated with promotional messaging from other brands.

Provided graphic design services for new campaigns

The Brown-Smith Agency created graphics for both organic and paid promotions. The opportunity of someone seeing themself in a magazine resonates with people as it brings authority and credibility. Therefore, we created magazine-style social media graphics that reflected bold, expressive, and comfortable themes using images of people wearing the brand's apparel. Additionally, promotional graphics for sales and discounts were developed.

Turquoise Simple Gossip Magazine Cover.png

Marketing Customer Care

The Brown-Smith agency actively monitors correspondents from the organization’s email and social media channels, specifically around product issues, praises, and brand mentions.

XXA Ambassador Program

To create awareness and drive product sales, The Brown-Smith Agency created an Ambassador Program where individuals of different backgrounds, races, sizes, and gender would be recruited to model products. Twelve ambassadors were selected to take pictures of the product and feature it on their social media channels to encourage audiences to purchase it. We’ve also developed campaigns around product launches. For example, XXA created a hoodie with the message “Live Every Day” (LED). The Brown-Smith Agency created a LED campaign where ambassadors would use either video or still imagery to showcase what LED means to them and encourage audiences to get involved in the campaign by purchasing the product and showing how they LED.

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