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Truckgod CDL Training Website Rebrand

Truckgod CDL Training (Client) is a CDL Training school in Arlington, Texas that provides quality training and education for individuals wishing to pursue a career in the transportation industry. The client has evolved and expanded and needed to upgrade its web presence to reflect current services and offerings.

Project Mission

Truckgod Training CDL has evolved and expanded its services and needed to upgrade its web presence to reflect current services and offerings. The Brown-Smith Agency’s role was to update the existing website so that it was flexible and scalable based on content needs; easy to manage, reliable, and fast; secure and password protected for subscriber content; handled sign-up and submission forms; housed and displayed videos; and supported an online store.


  • Individuals wishing to pursue a career in the transportation industry

  • People who needed refresher courses to secure licenses

What We Did

Many driving schools provide students with the skill set needed to enter the transportation industry and obtain licenses to operate commercial vehicles. However, many schools require students to commit much time to classes with little in-person on-the-job training. Our objective was to position Truckgod CDL Training as a school where individuals can get training from professionals who have operated in the industry for more than 20 years and on-the-job training on the first day.

Redesigned the existing website with a modern appearance and updated content to reflect current offerings.

Understanding the User Experience

Truckgod CDL Training’s previous website was not optimized for the user experience. When an individual is interested in signing up for a training course, they want to find information that will describe the approach, discuss what’s included, and how the course will help them progress to the next level. After conducting secondary research and comparing many CDL training programs, we outlined the type of content necessary to help describe a fully functional training program. (1).png

Developed a Winning Content Strategy

Truckgod CDL Training's previous website lacked an excellent content development process and rendered an incomplete website that didn’t portray the content that would convince someone to obtain services.


The Brown-Smith Agency inventoried and audited the existing content pages, identifying outdated and redundant content. We then made recommendations to reorganize and consolidate the content. Additionally, we wrote new content that fully described the types of courses and licenses individuals could obtain.

Showcasing Truckgod CDL Training High-Quality Offerings

The Brown-Smith Agency created an updated website with a scrollable homepage design to tell the story and benefits of Truckgod CDL Training using a strategic messaging hierarchy. This approach focused on appealing call-to-actions (CTAs) and showcasing the benefits individuals will receive from becoming a student.

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