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Elevating The Black Authors Matter Tour

Client: Black Authors Matter Tour


Industry: Publishing/Event Management


Project Mission:

To amplify the Black Authors Matter Tour's presence and impact through strategic social media marketing, driving awareness of the annual tour, promoting participating authors, showcasing the tour's impact, and facilitating author and audience engagement.

Target Audience:

  • Book enthusiasts in tour cities: Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA.

  • Emerging and established Black authors seeking a platform for their work.



  • Increasing tour awareness amidst a crowded digital landscape.

  • Promoting individual authors and their stories to a wider audience.

  • Driving consistent traffic to the website for ticket sales, author sign-ups, and masterclass participation.


What We Did:

  • Social Media Management: Curated and executed a comprehensive social media strategy across key platforms to highlight the tour’s mission, the authors’ stories, and the community's experiences.

  • Author Testimonials: Leveraged positive testimonials from past participating authors to attract new authors to the tour, sharing these endorsements on social media and the tour’s website.

  • Social Media Advertising: Implemented targeted advertising campaigns to promote upcoming tour dates, increase website traffic, and boost audience engagement with the tour’s content.

  • Client Communications: Expanded our role to include direct communications support, onboarding materials for new authors, and engaging with the tour’s audience about upcoming events and opportunities.



  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The strategic use of social media and targeted ads significantly raised awareness of the Black Authors Matter Tour, reaching a wider audience in key metropolitan areas and among book enthusiasts nationwide.

  • Increased Author Participation: Using testimonials and effective promotion led to a noticeable increase in the number of authors interested in joining the tour, enriching the tour’s diversity and the range of stories shared.

  • Boosted Website Traffic and Engagement: Our advertising strategies drove substantial traffic to the BAM website, resulting in higher ticket sales, more author sign-ups, and greater participation in offered master classes.

  • Improved Author and Audience Relations: Through diligent client communications, we enhanced the onboarding experience for new authors and fostered stronger connections between the tour and its audience, building a loyal and engaged community.



This case study underscores The Brown-Smith Agency’s ability to leverage digital marketing and social media to promote cultural and literary events. By highlighting the unique stories of Black authors and fostering a sense of community around the Black Authors Matter Tour, we have contributed to the tour’s growth and played a part in amplifying important voices in the literary world. Our efforts demonstrate the power of strategic marketing to bridge connections between authors and audiences, celebrating diversity and storytelling in the process.

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