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Detroit Motor City Pride

Motor City Pride is Michigan’s largest pride celebration, with over 40,000 participants that attend Detroit’s

pride celebration year-over-year. It is a volunteer-run organization with a mission of spreading

awareness through pride.


Before 2020, the Pride celebration was held in person on June 11 and 12th; however, with the introduction and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival went virtual to protect festival-goers and maintain their commitment to celebrating the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. In June 2021, the festival was expected to return with an in-person celebration, but with COVID rates soaring, it remained virtual. Shortly after June, COVID-19 infection rates began to decrease, allowing the opportunity for in-person events. It was then decided that an in-person celebration would occur in September 2021.

Project Goals

The Brown-Smith Agency provided Motor City Pride with social media management services with the following goals:

  • Raise awareness about Motor City Pride returning to the in-person celebration on September 18 and 10, 2021.

  • Promoted artists performing during the two-day festival.

  • Encouraged attendance for the pride parade.

  • Promoted COVID-19 precautions so pride goers would keep safety and protection top of mind while participating in the festival.

Activities and Deliverables

Social Media Event Strategy

The social media strategy included the channels that would be used to engage pride goers, hashtags that would be used for this year’s pride celebration, SMART goals (pre-event goals, goals during the event, and after the event), and types of content that would be used to raise awareness about the event and posting schedules, paid ads, event day promotions, and measurement.

Social Media Content Calendar

The social media content calendar included content for pre-promotion and post-promotion of the event. Types of content included promotional graphics for talent performing during the two-day festival, parade promos, festival details, and COVID-19 precautions. Additionally, the calendar included optimal times to post to achieve the most impact.

Copy of Rainbow Color Minimal Pride Month Instagram Post.png
Graphic Design Services

Created promo graphics for each artist performing during the two-day event for promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, promotional ads, and event countdown graphics.

Abstract Download App with Phone Mockup Instagram Post (Twitter Post).png
Social Media Event Strategy

Monitored and responded to mentions, comments, and direct messages from partners, vendors, stakeholders, and event attendees on social media.

Live Event Coverage

We provided live social media coverage during the two-day event to engage individuals in person and at home. The Brown-Smith Agency ran live streams of acts performing on various stages to engage pride goers online that couldn’t attend the in-person. Additionally, we captured video footage, original photography, and anecdotal comments from pride participants and used the content to promote the pride festival and parade over two days.


Between August 27 and September 23, 2021, we achieved the following:

  • Facebook

    • 602 new followers, raising the follower count to 17,948

    • 3,167 clicks to the website

    • Reached a total of 265,930 people with rich content

    • 8,099 page views

    • 17,252 video views

  •  Twitter

    • 49 new followers, raising the follower count to 1,849

    • 73 mentions

    • 5,020 profile visits

  • Instagram

    • 506 new followers, raising the follower count to 2,801

    • Reached over 17,000 accounts

    • 5,574 people interacted with content

Project Gallery

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