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Social Media Services for Executives

Building your executive presence with our strategic personal branding services.

Why Do Executives Need To Be On Social Media?

The Brown Smith Agency helps executives build an executive presence and personal brand online by leveraging social media.

It's no secret that people buy from people, not companies, which is why executive leadership is key to successful social media marketing. At a high level, executives with a social media presence help create balanced and cohesive messages across different platforms, humanize the brand they represent, and garner trust and affinity.

An executive presence on social media can also help achieve business goals like creating awareness about products and services, corporate social responsibility, and building meaningful relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Finally, an online social media presence helps build the executive's brand and establishes them as thought leaders among their peers.

Three Key Reasons Executives Should Be On Social Media


Boost their brand and public sentiment.

To foster relationships and tap into new audiences.

To promote transparency, authenticity, and open communication.

Our Services

Full-Service Management

We offer flexible packages where we work with you and manage the entire process offering end-to-end social media management.

  • Executive branding services

  • Digital content creation services

    • Blog posts

    • Articles

    • Podcasts

    • Social media content creation (including graphics, videos, and caption writing)

  • Social media management

  • Continued optimization and analytics

Collaborative Management

We work with you and your in-house marketing team to build strategies and content that drive engagement and fulfill business goals for executives who desire a more hands-on approach.

Our Approach

There are three levels of goals we will cover.

1) Big Picture Goals. We will help you decide which marketing or business-level goals your social media presence will support. Likely, they’ll be laddering to a larger brand-building and thought leadership goals already in motion.

2) Program-specific Goals. We will help you set goals for your social media presence — how do you want to come across? What does success look like for your reach or follower growth? What’s the long-term vision for your thought leadership and personal brand?

3) Activity-Based Goals. Here we will want to set more specific, activity-based goals for the program’s first three, six, and twelve months. We will consider if you will post weekly, publish videos, or respond to inbound comments.

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