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Case Study: Fenty Skin—the New Culture of Skincare

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Rihanna—singer, songwriter, and fashion designer—launched Fenty Skin, a new skincare line designed to complement her blockbuster makeup line Fenty Beauty, on July 31, 2020. Deemed by Rihanna to be “skincare that works, that feels incredible, and that makes you feel good for using it,” it boldly ushers in a new culture of skincare. Fenty Skin’s debut features three products: the Total Cleans’r, Fat Water, and Hydra Vizor, all of which help users get their best skin in just a few steps.

Fenty Skin is doing more than just filling the gap in the personal care industry: According to Vogue Magazine, Fenty Skin is a true market disruptor. Let’s take a deeper dive to find out three reasons why Fenty Skin is a beauty marketing juggernaut:

  1. Equal Opportunity Skin Care Rihanna states on the brand’s website, “there’s a foundation below the makeup.” Whether you wear no makeup, light makeup, or heavy makeup, she designed Fenty Skin to create a foundation of healthy skin for anyone and everyone. The products are affordable, easy-to-use, effective, and credible among skincare industry experts.

  2. Clean Skin, Clean Planet Fenty Skin products are good for the skin and the environment. Products are cruelty-free, oil-free, vegan, and formulated without using harmful ingredients. They use minimal packaging and many are refillable and recyclable. This motto ties back to Fenty Beauty’s brand promise of embracing the 3R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle.

  3. Inclusivity Fenty Skin is elevating inclusion by featuring diverse women and men using the products. On the Fenty Skin Instagram page, you’ll see not only different skin colors and tones but skin types as well. Notably, Fenty Skin is marketed as unisex and features both men and women in the one-minute teaser video—unusual for a skincare line.

How to Launch a Product During a Pandemic—Rihanna-style Even while living in an age of uncertainty, Rihanna showed that product launches can still happen—creatively and safely. She recognized the risks of an in-person launch party in the midst of a pandemic and instead hosted an immersive virtual launch party at her home. Guests were welcomed to virtually enter the Fenty Skin House, where the line’s brand ambassador, Sean Garrette, chatted with Rihanna about the launch. Guests could discover fun facts about the product through treasures hidden in the garden, explore content from the skincare experts in the sink’s mirror, interact and mingle with each other on the dance floor—and of course, buy the new products.

Influencers are instrumental to Rihanna’s brand strategy—and Fenty Skin is no exception. During the virtual house party, Lil Nas X discussed music and skin care, and social media influencers simultaneously posted product reviews. For example, Makayla, a beauty influencer and singer with a following of 34.2K on Instagram and 716.4K on Tiktok, received a Fenty Skin PR package and did a review of the product. Her review on TikTok received 16.3K likes, 65 comments, and 66.4K views, and over 6K views and 29 comments on Instagram.

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