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Courageous Conversation

Founded in 1992 by Glenn E. Singleton, Courageous Conversation® is committed to achieving racial equity in the United States and beyond.

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Sis Hear Me

Sis Hear Me is a women empowerment nonprofit organization that provides an inclusive environment where women of various backgrounds come together in a safe and structured environment to share life experiences, discover themselves, and uplift and liberate each other to reach their full potential.


Motor City Pride 2022

Motor City Pride is Michigan’s largest pride celebration, with over 40,000 participants that attend Detroit’s pride celebration year-over-year. It is a volunteer-run organization with a mission of spreading awareness through pride.

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Truckgod CDL Training Website Rebrand

Truckgod CDL Training (Client) is a CDL Training school in Arlington, Texas that provides quality training and education for individuals wishing to pursue a career in the transportation industry. The client has evolved and expanded and needed to upgrade its web presence to reflect current services and offerings.


XXA Company

XXA Company (XXA) is a casual wear brand designed for different times of daily life to meet the needs of dressing in comfortable clothes daily or putting together an outfit for the weekend. The merchandise is designed with everyone in mind, regardless of body type, age, or lifestyle.

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