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Amplifying Voices for Racial Equity - Glenn Singleton & Courageous Conversation®

Clients: Glenn Singleton & Courageous Conversation® (Pacific Educational Group)


Industry: Professional Consulting, Education, and Racial Equity


Services Provided: Content Strategy, Social Media Management, Brand Amplification, Thought Leadership Development



Glenn Singleton, an authoritative voice in racial equity, and Courageous Conversation®, a consulting firm committed to racial justice, represent the forefront of the global discourse on race. With Glenn’s distinguished background and Courageous Conversation®’s expansive mission, both sought to expand their digital influence to match their offline stature and further their impact across diverse sectors.


Project Goals:

  • Enhance Glenn Singleton’s digital presence as a global thought leader.

  • Grow Courageous Conversation®'s social media reach and engagement.

  • Articulate and spread their unified message of racial equity and education reform.


Strategies Implemented:

  • Content Strategy Overhaul: Developed a comprehensive content calendar, integrating Glenn’s insights and Courageous Conversation®'s initiatives to foster audience engagement and thought leadership.

  • Platform Diversification: Focused on LinkedIn for professional growth, complemented by Twitter and Instagram strategies to balance personal anecdotes with professional achievements.

  • Engagement Analytics: Monitored and adapted strategies based on real-time feedback and engagement metrics, ensuring content resonated and reached the intended audiences.



  • Digital Footprint Expansion: Glenn’s LinkedIn following increased by approximately 8,971 over 14 months, with Courageous Conversation® experiencing substantial growth across platforms, highlighting a successful brand amplification strategy.

  • Elevated Engagement: Strategic content creation and scheduling increased engagement rates, dialogue, and community involvement in racial equity discussions.

  • Thought Leadership Solidification: The launch of Glenn's LinkedIn Newsletter attracted 3,910 subscriptions, cementing his position as a leading voice in racial equity.

  • Business and Community Impact: Enhanced digital presence led to increased CEO engagements and wider community outreach, driving forward the mission of racial equity and education reform.



  • This dual case study illustrates the power of targeted digital strategies in elevating the voices of leaders and organizations committed to societal change. Through collaboration, we amplified Glenn Singleton’s and Courageous Conversation®'s digital presence. We contributed significantly to the racial equity discourse, showcasing the transformative potential of thoughtful social media management and content strategy.

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