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Courageous Conversation - Glenn Singelton

Founded in 1992 by Glenn E. Singleton, Courageous Conversation® is committed to achieving racial equity in the United States and beyond.


Glenn Singleton, a beacon of racial equity development with over thirty years of dedication, is an emblematic figure in worldwide leadership growth. With accolades like the author of “Courageous Conversations About Race,” Glenn’s stature is iconic and influential. As the driving force behind the Courageous Conversation® framework and the Beyond Diversity™ curriculum, his impact is palpable in every sphere he touches. From his fruitful collaborations with leading corporations like Google and Amazon to his monumental contributions to the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and the New Zealand Ministry of Education, Glenn’s journey is dotted with milestones that symbolize his commitment to racial justice, equity, and leadership development.

Activities and Deliverables

Content Calendar Creation:

  • Drafting a monthly content plan tailored to Glenn's professional insights, personal stories, and trending topics.

  • Audience Research: Conduct detailed audience analysis to understand their preferences, pain points, and the type of content they resonate with.

  • Engagement Analytics: Monitoring comments, shares, likes, and overall engagement metrics across all platforms to refine content strategies.

  • Content Creation: Drafting, designing, and curating platform-specific content, including articles, infographics, short videos, and posts.

  • Feedback Loop Establishment: Regular check-ins with Glenn to ensure alignment with his vision, gather insights, and receive feedback on the content.

The Inception of our Partnership

The Challenge

Despite Glenn's unparalleled credentials, there remained untapped potential in harnessing social media to amplify his voice and strengthen his position as a global thought leader.

Our Solution

To metamorphose Glenn’s digital persona, aligning it with his offline stature and expanding his influence beyond traditional realms.
Strategy Blueprint
  1. Platform Diversification: Concentrating on LinkedIn as the primary channel for B2B engagement and professional growth, complemented by a presence on Twitter for real-time updates and Instagram for a blend of personal-professional content.

  2. Content Personalization: Humanizing Glenn's profile by intertwining personal anecdotes and experiences, making him more relatable and authentic.

  3. Adaptive Content Strategy: Deploying platform-specific strategies -

    • Instagram: A mix of personal insights and professional accomplishments.

    • Twitter: Real-time updates, quick engagement tactics, and leveraging existing content for sustained visibility.

    • LinkedIn: A combination of crisp commentary on trends and in-depth articles to establish domain expertise.

Milestones Achieved
  • Expanding Digital Footprint: Glenn’s follower base on LinkedIn saw organic growth, with an average addition of 115 monthly followers for the past half year.

  • Elevated Engagement: Through personalized content and strategic posting, engagement rates witnessed a substantial uplift.

  • Thought Leadership Solidified: Glenn's LinkedIn Newsletter subscriptions soared to 3038 by mid-2023, a testament to his growing digital influence.

  • Business Impact: Our collaborative efforts resonated in the business world, with an uptick in CEO engagements with Glenn and Courageous Conversation®.

  • Our collaboration with Glenn Singleton epitomizes the synergy of an accomplished leader and tailored digital strategies. By enhancing his online presence and positioning him as a paramount thought leader, we've amplified Glenn’s voice and contributed to the larger racial equity and leadership development discourse.

  • Our partnership with Glenn showcases the power of meaningful digital transformation in this digital age, where authenticity is as valuable as expertise. As we continue our journey, our vision remains unwavering: to cement Glenn's legacy in the digital world, paralleling his offline achievements.

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