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Sis Hear Me

Sis Hear Me is a women empowerment nonprofit organization that provides an inclusive environment where women of various backgrounds come together in a safe and structured environment to share life experiences, discover themselves, and uplift and liberate each other to reach their full potential.


Every woman has a story, regardless of whether she has gone through a traumatic experience and overcome the challenges associated with it or a place where she’s in her trauma and isn’t sure how to overcome it. Therefore Sis Hear Me was developed as a non-profit organization to help women overcome their traumas, use peer-to-peer interactions to help women cope and learn from each other experiences, and become their best selves.

Activities and Deliverables

  • Quantitative Research

  • Brand development, including campaign slogan and logo

  • Marketing and outreach strategy

  • Graphic design for digital and social media

  • Copyrighting and message development

  • Video production, including editing

  • Event Support

What We Did

Founded on inclusivity, understanding, and empowerment principles, Sis Hear Me serves as a beacon for countless women seeking solace and support. Tasked with translating this narrative into a memorable brand and compelling digital presence, we aimed to amplify its cause, mobilize support, and unite women online and offline.
Brand Development
  • Logo Design: The cornerstone of any brand. We wanted something that embodied empowerment, inclusivity, and resilience. The final design was a modern and empowering emblem, representing the collective strength of women.

  • Brand Guidelines: A comprehensive guide was created to ensure brand consistency across all platforms. This covered everything from typography and color palettes to imagery and tone of voice. Such coherence ensures Sis Hear Me is instantly recognizable and maintains a consistent brand image.

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Copywriting and Message Development
  • Through engaging storytelling, we crafted key messages that encapsulated the essence of Sis Hear Me. This message sought to resonate with both those seeking help and those wishing to support the cause.
    Campaign Slogan: Drawing from our research and the core mission of Sis Hear Me, we conceptualized a campaign slogan that was both evocative and rallying, serving as a call to action and solidarity.

Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation: Utilizing our graphics, videos, and well-crafted messages, we curated content that not only informs but also engages. Our audience was continuously educated, inspired, and compelled to act.

  • Event Promotion: Leveraging the power of digital channels, we executed targeted campaigns promoting Sis Hear Me's events. This heightened awareness and attendance, fostering a tangible online and offline community.

The Results
  1. Enhanced Brand Recognition: The newly established branding saw an increase in recognition. Sis Hear Me became familiar, symbolizing women's strength and resilience.

  2. Boosted Engagement: Our meticulously crafted messages, combined with compelling visuals, drove higher engagement rates on all social media platforms. This facilitated more meaningful interactions and robust community growth.

  3. Event Success: With the promotional strategies in place, Sis Hear Me witnessed a surge in event participation, allowing them to reach more women and provide the crucial support they need.

  4. Increased Donations & Support: With heightened awareness and brand trust, more individuals and organizations stepped forward to support Sis Hear Me, be it through donations, partnerships, or volunteer work.


The success of Sis Hear Me is a testament to the power of effective branding and strategic digital outreach. By encapsulating the profound essence of the organization into a cohesive brand identity and amplifying it through social media, we were able to mobilize a community, drive action, and, most importantly, uplift and support countless women on their journeys.

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